Common Application

What is the Common Application and why should I use it?

The Common App is a single, standardized, college application accepted by more than 600 colleges and universities as of 2015-2016. Once you complete the Common Application, you can send it to any Common Application school. Having one set of forms go to multiple schools saves you time and effort.  

How do I match my Common Application to my Naviance account? 

Click here to watch a video tutorial with step by step directions.

How do I know my college deadlines? 

Once you have added a school to your Dashboard, click on the "My Colleges" tab to find the deadline date for that school.

How do I know if a counselor or teacher recommendation is required?

Go to the "College Search" tab and click on the "Application Requirements" at the top. You will find a searchable database of all Common App Schools. If the Counselor Recommendations is required there will be a check in the CR column. If a Teacher Recommendation is required there will be a check in the TE column.

How do I know if I qualify for the fee waiver?

The Fee waiver question should only be answered yes by students who can prove they qualify as low income (e.g. you have free and reduced lunch).

Fast Facts to help the Class of 2016 complete the Common Application:

  • If you are a US Citizen it is optional to list your Social Security Number. Undocumented Students should say "other non-US" for Status and select "I do not hold a current valid U.S. non-Immigrant visa."
  • Class Rank: None
  • Class Size: 500
  • Date of Entry: 8/2012
  • Graduation Date: 06/05/2016
  • GPA scale: 5.0
  • GPA Rank Weight: Weighted
  • Full year courses =1 credit, ½ year=.5 credits, PE=.25 credits