Teacher Recommendations


Please give advance notice to teachers (at least 3 weeks before your college's deadline) if you are going to be asking them to write a letter of recommendation.  

In order for your teacher to write a letter of recommendation you must first complete a resume in Naviance. Then you must fill out the Teacher Recommendation Request Form and present it to the teacher in person.      

Do not email teachers with requests. Approach them in person. Remember that they are doing this as a favor to you and proper manners along with a please and thank you will go a long way!

Once a teacher has your request form they will complete your letter of recommendation and upload it to Naviance. From there it will be sent by the College and Career Center to the proper schools.

You must indicate on your Transcript Release Form if you asked for teacher recommendations and also include the teachers names that are writing your recommendations for that school. If you don't do this, your recommendations will not be sent.