Class of 2021

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Junior Send-Off


Screen_Shot_2020-05-22_at_10.27.45_AMJunior Send-Off with Mr. Miocic and Mr. Deutsch May 11 & May 13. Information can be found in both your emails and in your US History Course. If you were unable to make it you can find this and MORE in your Junior Folder within your Schoology Course titled "Core Tour". Please check that page often as Mr. Miocic will update lessons as you transition from Junior Year to Senior Year. 

College Essay Workshop

Due to some unfortunate incidents our College Essay Webinar was moved to a recorded session per the request of the presenter. The information can be found HERE


Postsecondary Planning ideas for eLearning students:

Those interested in College should:

  • Determine what type of degree you'd like to pursue (certificate vs. associates vs. bachelors)
  • Identify five postsecondary options. If standardized testing is giving you anxiety please understand that many universities are already announcing they'll move to a test-optional (so no ACT/SAT required) for the 2021 school year. Please visit university websites directly for more information from that school. With over 4,000 schools it's difficult to have a running list here.
  • Compare your achievements to those they typically admit (do you match up?)
  • Complete the Net Price Calculator for each of those schools (you'll need parent/guardian help with this)
  • Plan out things you'll need to do to complete their future application

Those interested in Trades/Manufacturing options:Screen_Shot_2020-04-16_at_2.24.49_PM

  • Identify what trade you'd like to pursue and visit their website on requirements 
  • FOCUS on your math/English skills as there are typically entrance exams for these careers as well
  • Reach out to possible contractors to see how they sponsor future apprentice workers 
  • Those interested in manufacturing jobs can visit gCamp or iCatt to get some ideas on how these programs can work for you.  

Those interested in Military options:

  • Review what branch is best for them on military websites and reach out to recruiters to hear more about how the Military might be right for them
  • What is your end goal? Do you want to enlist to utilize the benefits of a college education? Do you want to be career military?

Course Selection for Senior YearThis page is full of important dates and information for the class of 2021.


Course Selection Worksheet

Core Presentations (general counseling curriculum)

Fall Junior Core Guidance Presentation

Fall Junior Core Worksheet

community_service Submit your community service hours using Transeo

College Planning Workshop (2/22)

College Fit Slides
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Application Process Slides
Financial Aid Slides

College Options Notes (2/25) Link