We hope that your child has had a great first week of remote learning. Our annual Open House is scheduled for Thursday, August 27 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., which we will host virtually. Our teachers are looking forward to meeting and telling you about their classes via Zoom.

You will follow your student's class schedule using the times below. Please view your student’s schedule on the Infinite Campus Portal/ Infinite Campus website or ask your student to show you their schedule. You will use the same Zoom link that your child uses for class. Please note: You will need to copy and paste the link into a web browser to begin the zoom.

OPTIONAL The following videos can be streamed anytime: 

  • Principal Welcome to Elk Grove video
  • Technology Support During Remote Learning video
  • Student Support video
  • Supporting Students with IEPs video
  • Title 1 Parent Information video
  • Athletic and Activity Participation  video
  • iPad Support  video
The time schedule for the evening is:
Period   Time
6   6:30 - 6:40 PM
2   6:45 - 6:55 PM
3   7:00 - 7:10 PM
4   7:15 - 7:25 PM
5   7:30 - 7:40 PM
1   7:45 - 7:55 PM
7   8:00 - 8:10 PM
8    8:15 - 8:25 PM
Zero hour   8:30 - 8:40 PM


Please feel free to meet your student’s counselor or related service person during the following periods: Lunch and Zero hour

We would like to provide this support for freshmen and transfer student parents only at this time. This will be a nice way to put a face to the name.

  Staff Zoom Link
Counselor Leslie Alvarez https://d214.zoom.us/j/95973190584
  Heather DeCook https://d214.zoom.us/j/97922664185
  Scott Deutsch https://d214.zoom.us/j/94007971730
  Anna Foecking https://d214.zoom.us/j/99354688752
  Steve Gordon https://d214.zoom.us/j/9394254554
  Maria Mroz https://d214.zoom.us/j/92216016869
  Debra Ohler https://d214.zoom.us/j/97370472396
  Alex Sanchez https://d214.zoom.us/j/9342024423
  Anthony Miocic (College and Career) https://d214.zoom.us/j/93536228856
Social Worker Raymundo Galarza https://d214.zoom.us/j/97879229901
  Amanda Lamorte https://d214.zoom.us/j/3896190381
Psychologist Marla Carson  https://d214.zoom.us/j/98732681539
  Sean Mulcrone https://d214.zoom.us/j/93082724154
Speech Pathologist Lindsay Rapinchuk https://d214.zoom.us/j/94098361508


Remember, due to time limitations, this will not be an opportunity to discuss your individual student's progress with the teacher or counselor. You are encouraged, if you have any questions, to contact the teacher/counselor at another time to schedule an appointment. Staff contact information can be found on our website. PDFIcon60x60

If you have technical difficulties, please contact our HelpDesk, eMail: eghshelpdesk@d214.org  or  call 847-718-4414.

We hope that you join us for the evening to meet your student’s teachers.