D214 College Fair is announced for March 31st. 


Date: March 31st
Location: Forestview Educational Center
Time: 6:30-8:30
List of Colleges: View Here

*Students are required to register through StriveScan prior to attending the fair. Most registrations will happen in their Junior English classes. However, registration can happen via https://app.strivescan.com/students

College Representative Visits & College Fair


A great resource in helping students find the "right fit" for college is the opportunity to talk with college representatives from a wide variety of colleges and universities nationwide. Throughout the year Elk Grove High School's College and Career Center hosts more than 100 college representatives. Students are able to get their specific questions answered and to gather detailed information about a school's majors, campus life, admission requirements, etc. This is also a great chance to establish a contact person from specific schools for future reference. Many times the college representative visiting the College and Career Center is involved in the admission process for our students. Therefore, meeting with college representatives can benefit students in the college admission process.

Student register for these visits through Naviance and typically within 24 hours before the visit the college and career office will send out a reminder (either via email or a physical pass) regarding the visit. 

Most visits are September through November, but we also get a few in the Spring months as well. 

To view the schedule of College Representatives and Military Recruiters, please visit NAVIANCE.