Common App & Coalition App

Both Common App and Coalition App are single source applications for many colleges. ‚Äč

Basically, they're both a single application that you can send to multiple universities at once. 

How do I know if I should use these "single source applications"?

If more than one of your schools uses these applications it's advisable to use it. So if you're applying to Marquette, Colorado-Boulder, University of Toledo (all 3 use common app) it's wise to use it. But if you were to apply to Marquette, Harper, and and U of I you should simply use Marquette's normal application because only one of those schools uses Common App. However, the choice is completely up to the student/families.

For a video tutorial of how to use Common App click here
For a list of Colleges who use the Common Application click here. 
For a list of Colleges who use Coalition Application click here.

Besides just applying, what else can I do on these "source applications"?

What's great about these applications is that it's a one-stop-shop for numerous parts of your application. Here you can also request Letters of Recommendation (from your teachers + counselor) as well as your transcripts. When you invite your teacher/counselor it's important to also connect with them to let them know that an invitation was sent as sometimes goes into their spam folder. 

How do I know if I qualify for the fee waiver?

If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch, please know you can qualify for a free application. If you have ANY questions about this please stop down to the College & Career Center or see your counselor. An application fee should not stop you from applying. We will figure it out! 

Fast Facts to help the Class of 2018 complete the Applications:

  • If you are a US Citizen it is optional to list your Social Security Number. Undocumented Students should say "other non-US" for Status and select "I do not hold a current valid U.S. non-Immigrant visa."
  • Class Rank: None
  • Class Size: 516
  • Date of Entry: 8/2016
  • Graduation Date: 05/20/2020
  • GPA scale: 4.0* (Note this is new starting 2017)
  • GPA Rank Weight: Weighted
  • Full year courses =1 credit, ½ year=.5 credits, PE=.25 credits

Assigning your recommender:

This process sometimes gives students a tough time. When assigning recommenders you both need to "invite" them and then "assign" them. Common App does this so that you have the choice to assign different recommenders to different colleges. Therefore, after you "invite" them you must go back and "assign" them to the appropriate college. Here are some screen shots that might help.