Preparing For College: The Student Checklist

This checklist tells you what you should be doing each year at Elk Grove if you desire to attend the college of your choice!

Freshmen/Sophomore Year

  • Attend a four-year plan meeting with your counselor and parent to plan for your high school career
  • Take the most rigorous course load you can handle
  • Attend Freshmen and Sophomore guidance activities to obtain valuable information about academic and college/career planning
  • Explore your extracurricular interests, service clubs and outside interests that will help you develop your resume
  • Explore leadership roles
  • Participate in the Career Exploration Unit with Guidance Counselors (Sophomore year)
  • Prepare for taking the PSAT (Sophomore year)
  • Seek out social/emotional support when needed
  • Start planning and exploring career and college options
  • Keep open lines of communication with your parents/guardians
  • Keep an open mind about your options

Junior year

  • Take a rigorous academic curriculum
  • Take a college admissions test (ACT/SAT)
  • Meet with your counselor or college counselor
  • Begin your college search:
    • Develop a list of questions to ask
    • Attend College Fairs
    • Visit colleges
    • Visit the EGHS College and Career Center
    • Log into NAVIANCE and research schools
    • Attend career nights
    • Think about personal recommendations
  • Start College Visits:
    • Meet with college admissions counselor(s)
    • Take a tour of the campus
    • Sit in on a class
    • Meet with professors in your academic area
    • Talk with admissions reps.
    • Talk with coaches/music directors/other activities people                                                                                                                  

Summer Before Senior Year

  • Continue college visits 
  • Ask family and/or friends about their first year of college
  • Organize and read the college literature you have received

Senior Year

  • Continue rigorous college prep curriculum
  • Develop your resume
  • Retake ACT or SAT if necessary -- also take achievement tests (AP, SAT II)
  • Apply to colleges early (consult with your counselor)
  • Follow application procedures
    • Submit your applications and fees
    • Develop your essays (if required)
    • Request high school transcripts (red folder)
    • Be sure to send out your ACT/SAT scores to colleges
    • Ask teachers and/or counselors to do recommendations
    • Research scholarships
    • Research financial aid
  • Follow up and check that all materials have arrived at your colleges
  • Visit with college reps and revisit prospective colleges
  • Select your college by May 1st and send necessary deposit(s) and secure housing
  • Notify the schools you did not select
  • Attend Senior Guidance Activities
  • Attend Financial Aid Night
  • Fill out your FAFSA