Teacher Recommendations


The Teacher Recommendation Process has changed for the 2017-2018 school year. In the past students would use Naviance to request and receive Letters of Recommendation. With many Universities utilizing source applications, such as Common App or Coalition App, we've found that it's best for teachers to submit the recommendations through the desired University system. 

When asking a teacher for a recommendation you will submit their name & contact information using the online system. This will autogenerate a message to your teacher requesting that they complete and submit a letter on your behalf. However, it's important for you to contact your teacher or counselor informing them that you have requested their recommendation. There are times when these autogenerated messages may go into a SPAM or alternative folder, so contacting them help ensure that your request doesn't get lost. 

If you have additional questions please stop into the college & career center and we'll help you navigate the process. Remember to complete the Teacher Recommendation form letter

Have questions on how to complete the Common App Recommender portion? Click below for a powerpoint outlining the process.