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Last Name First Name Division  Period Subjects tutored Zoom link Lunch
Saken Dan SS/WL 1 A.P. Pysychology, Law B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Klaus Dan Health 1 Health B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Kochanski Sara M/S 1 Math B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Salzmann Kim M/S 1 Math, Statistics B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Monarrez Pedro SS/WL 1 Spanish/Human Geo, World History B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Fernandez-Ibarra Julio SS/WL 1 Spanish/Human Geo. B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Barnum Christina M/S 1 Science, Healthcare B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Mohammed Saarah SS/WL 2 AP U.S. and U.S. History B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Heng Ami M/S 2 Math B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Loch Quinn M/S 2 Science, AP Biology B Lunch 12:20- 12:50
Dubnicka Laura M/S 3 Chemistry  
O'Connor Ryan M/S 3 Math  
Milligan Sean SS/WL 3 U.S. History, Human Geo  
Perkins Mindy SS/WL 4 A.P. U.S. History, LEP U.S.  
Lesniak Steve SS/WL 4 AP Human Geo, U.S. History  
Chaudhari Samir PE 4 APPE/Pilot  
Cavazos Chuck E/EL 4 English  
Kale Bonnie E/EL 4 English  
Molberger Kim M/S 4 Math  
Rogers Chris M/S 4 Science  
Winter Phil M/S 4 Science  
Ruiz Carmen SS/WL 4 Spanish  
Janu Bruce SS/WL 4 World History, AP World, Sociology  
Bjankini Laura E/EL 5 English  
Lee Sandra E/EL 5 English  
Modelski Kevin E/EL 5 English  
Lesniak Kristen E/EL 5 English  
Dompke Dave M/S 5 Math  
Lea Colleen M/S 5 Math  
Bujdei Persida M/S 5 Math, Advanced Math  
Curtis Melissa SS/WL 5 Psychology  
Heintz Nancy M/S 5 Science  
Castro Ricky SS/WL 5 Spanish  
Cote Pam SS/WL 5 Spanish  
Bohnenkamp Matt SS/WL 5 U.S., AP Econ, AP Gov  
Kezios Stephanie SS/WL 6 AP US, Law  
Davisson Dan SS/WL 6 AP World, AP Euro.  
Furman  Anthony PE 6 APPE/Strength  
Maciejewski Jessica E/EL 6 English  
Larson Mary E/EL 6 English  
Keeley Jackie E/EL 6 English  
Pak Polina E/EL 6 English  
Thompson Rita E/EL 6 English  
Blanke Caryn M/S 6 Healthcare  
Smith Brianne M/S 6 Math  
Rice Colin M/S 6 Science, AP Chemistry  
Wang Peter M/S 6 Science, AP Physics C  
Burrier Dean SS/WL 6 Spanish  
Cappelen Diana SS/WL 6 Spanish  
Guimon Leslie SS/WL 6 Spanish  
Radakovitz Mike PE 7 APPE/Strength  
Biernacki Brian M/S 7 Math  
Walloch Tom M/S 7 Math, Statistics  
Boczar Tom M/S 7 Science  
Carlson Jeremy M/S 8 Math, Advanced Math  
Martineau Lisa E/EL 8 English